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Libya Design Cultural Centre, +381 Design and EL Design are Group which shares same principles and passion for architecture and design. Despite diverse multicultural practice and engagement in different parts of the world, Group shaped its own mutual language and found a way to support each other.
These tree practices are based on tree different continents. As a group we cooperate very closely, still featuring specific identity of each party. By this cooperation we share our experience and seek for synergy.
Each practice has its own strong management and designers which in collaboration make proactive, stable and firm Group. This way our work is more efficient, covering more business fields and more geographic areas.                
We firmly believe that the secret of success rests upon a good team work in achieving a goal.

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Libya Design Cultural Centre

The spirit of Libya Design Cultural Centre goes back in the pre-historic period, to the Tadrart Acacus Mountains of southern Libyan Sahara. The Ancient Man used caves as dwellings and found an original way of express his culture trough design of divine rock paintings and engravings.
We believe that the concept behind Libya Design has an existence and an experience that goes back over 14,000 years. We are the fortunate inheritors of the deep cultural traditions that both inform our work and form its basis. Libya Design Cultural Centre was established in 2011 in Tripoli, Libya.
We deal with all aspects of design in terms of old, new and futuristic concepts that highly respect the cultural context and are specific to each project. The main objective with any design is to provide new, original concepts and a pragmatic architecture/design, which maintains visionary ambitions.
The counterpart to our work is an interest in research. We remain dedicated to the realization of buildings and masterplans, but we operate in areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, including media, sociology, publishing, graphic design and product design.
Libya Design strongly believes in design as a process, viewing every parameter of a project as an opportunity rather than a constraint. We transform restrictive factors into the catalyst enabling Libya Design to provide innovative architecture.

+381 Design
is an architectural/graphic design office established by group of creative and ambitious people. It is an independent office but also as an engine office ready to give a quality support in designing, technical issues, construction documents with details, 3D visuals to other architectural practices. We believe in rational but creative thinking and in design as a process, understanding and analysing every parameter of a project as an opportunity to create something new and unique. Our architects and interior designers are experienced at identifying client needs and program requirements and translating that knowledge into responsive design solutions. We engage and take care about the client at early stage as we believe that kind of collaboration in work brings the best results and all sides in design process satisfied. Our design team consistently delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solutions.

EL Design Office

El Design Office was established in 2014 in Dubai as a result of securing projects in Saudi Arabia and UAE. We are a highly successful practice of architects, designers and thinkers operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development.Through strategic location of our office and with highly qualified team we manage to go farther than standard solutions with developing new typologies.
We remain dedicated to the realization of buildings and masterplans, but also operate in areas beyond the bounds of traditional architecture, including media, sociology, renewable energy, technology, curating, publishing, and graphic design. The research work often works in parallel with clients to fertilize architecture with intelligence from this array of disciplines.
Tenet of our work goes from strength to strength developing creative solutions for the design process.

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    Walid Abdussalam Elturki
    BA (hons) 3DD I.D, BA (hons) Arch,Dip Arch, RIBA
    Graduated from Brunnel University in 1994 with a degree in 3 Dimensional Design, Interior Design, and a distinction in historical studies. 1998 graduated from Brighton University with a degree in architecture and RIBA part 1. In 2000 worked with Zaha Hadid architects on the Phaeno Science Centre competition in Wolfsburg.  Completed Diploma in Architecture and received RIBA part 2 with distinction in 2001 from Brighton University and in 2001 started working with LCE architects and within one year became involved in the early process of design development. 2003 became a director at Lce Architects. In 2003 went back to Libya and started a Libyan practice (Allabina architectural and engineering services), which became the biggest private practices in Libya in 2011(employing more than 300 staff), focusing mainly on government projects, design and supervision.  Between 2006-2011 worked with architects such as Zaha Hadid Architects, OMA, Fosters and partners and many others, and also chaired and been part of different committees in Libya including the committee overseeing the design of the main airports; Tripoli, Benghazi, Sabha, El-Bayda and so on. In 2007 Co-founded AlBadea design consultancy and secured project in different sectors. In 2009 became a full member of the RIBA.
    In 2012 Co-founded Libya Design Cultural Centre and cofounded + 381 Design in 2013 with the intention to create a vehicle that is Creative. In 2014 established El Design office, after securing projects in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Together with his partners he oversees all the practices.

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    Muftah Abudajaja

    He graduated from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Garyounis in 2006 where he also worked as a Teaching Assistant. Since graduation he got the opportunity to realize his long lasting dream by applying design as a serious practice.
    Through his professional career he has been engaged in various projects as a designer, from initial concepts to the detail design stage, leading a design team and coordinating with clients. In 2007 he started working at the Libyan Engineering Office (LEO) where he was involved in The Cyrene Declaration Project together with Foster & Partners team. Afterwards he worked at Engineering Consulting Office for Utilities (ECOU) where he had main role in wide range of projects such as Railway Line Project, Tripoli Green Belt Masterplaning, Ghadames Border Crossing, Old Madina Green Mountain, Developing Settlement Rehabilitation and continued with the Cyrene Declaration Project development. In 2009 he moved to London where he was involved in one of the Zaha Hadid Architects projects within Tripoli. In the end of 2009 he became a member of the Urban Planning Council as one of its youngest members where he was involved in reviewing and approving main projects trough Libya. Since 2011 he is a Cofounder and CEO of Libya Design Cultural Centre, one of the eminent offices in Libya relating its main practice to the culture. Since 2012 he is CEO & Design Director in +381Design, Serbia. He won several awards in the field and participated in various seminars considering sustainable development and design including The Green Mountain Project for a Sustainable Future in Libya.
    His passion for art and design, vast interest in culture, and constant search for new materials make every project unique brand. He is making sure all the concepts and design visions meet all aspects trough the culture and the needs and aspirations of the client.

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    Aleksandra R. Filipovic

    Always open to the “the unlimited possible inspirations for design,” Senior Architect Aleksandra Filipovic finds “all aspects of the work exciting, from conceptualizing to detailing.” Aleksandra earned her Master degree in Architecture from Belgrade University and her quest for a new professional challenge led her across Europe and Middle East where she worked on an impressive array of high-end hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Work for Urbis INC (Los Angeles, USA – Belgrade office), Kann Finch Group (Dubai, UAE), ECOU (Tripoli, Libya) etc. built up the wide architectural knowledge and variety in design creativity. Since 2005 mainly involved in designs for Hospitality and Leisure projects specializing in Hotel designs. In addition to guaranteeing the highest level of design quality, Aleksandra ensures that all design deadlines are met, budgets are managed, and that stellar client communication and quality control are maintained at every step of the design process. “Our goal is ultimate cohesion - when all the pieces of a design start coming together and all the parts fall into place,” Aleksandra concludes.

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    Vera Oluic

    She graduated as master of Architecture in 2006, at Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Since graduation she worked in several international companies such as “ Kann Finch Group ” in Dubai, UAE, and “ECOU“ in Tripoli, Libya, as project architect on various project typologies, covering phases from concept design to construction document. Work in multicultural environment improved her knowledge about different design standards, building materials and equipment and enriched her social relations and understanding of different cultures. She has a significant experience in process of project coordination with other project disciplines and various systems application. Her managing skills and ability to foresee and perceive every step of project development make her irreplaceable engine of the team.    

    For Vera, beauty in architecture relies on its functionality, sustainability and clarity so it “should speak of its time and place” and “yearn for timelessness” trough “simplicity” as “the ultimate sophistication”.
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    Mirjana Bakic

    Since graduating 2003, at Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia with a Master degree in Architecture, she gained the experience in several well-known international architecture and design companies. She specialized in Hospitality, Commercial and Retail area. She is a member of Serbian Chamber of Architects, Licensed Architect, with Certified Training in Project Management in Construction.
    She has proven the degree of excellence in utilizing knowledge of architectural, interior and engineering practice, building materials and equipment, to perform essential duties pertaining to project Architectural design and client interface.
    The design process of the project is her main task where she makes sure that every design stage runs smoothly within different departments and throughout the assignments.
    She seeks to understand and engage cultural diversity coexistence, in constant pursuit for beauty… “…we may find beauty in different things at different times; however, the joy found in surrounding architectural space and form is universal. As spatial compositions continue to evolve, so too will our understanding of the meaning behind beauty.”

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    Mark Keville
    Mark joined LCE Architects in 2003 where he Co-directs LCE design Office responsible for international projects in Africa, GCC and Brazil. In 2012 he joined Libya Design Cultural Centre team co heading design projects in residential, education, cultural and art sectors in Libya. Since 2013 he Co-directs and consults the +381 design Office making sure every concept design is led to its perfection. In 2014 he co-established EL Design Office. His active role in architecture is enriched by developing in 3D/CAD technologies, marketing, project bidding, IT etc.
    He is motivated by unique design challenges with new and original concepts and a pragmatic approach which maintains visionary ambition. He believes strongly in design as a process, viewing every parameter of a project as an opportunity rather than a constraint. His use of 3D technology to streamline the design process to produce tangible results allows Clients to engage at the early stages.
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    Mustafa Abudajaja

    He is a creative autodidactic graphic designer and talented photographer who trough his practice developed himself in the level of proficiency. He worked for Engineering Consultant Office For Utilities (ECOU) where he established and became Co Director of Graphic Department trough which he managed the graphics for different scales of projects, arranged exhibitions and managed conferences. Due this period he had been associated with several projects such as Architectural Heritage Book of Tripoli and the Old Medina restoration project in Tripoli, Libya.

    In 2011 he became the Head of Graphic Department in Libya Design Cultural Centre in which his main task is dealing with branding and rebranding projects.
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    Salem Elwefati

    In 1993 he graduated from the University of Gharyan, College Accounting and specialized business administration-accounting. From January 1999 to January 2002 was the Director of youth teams and youth at the General Union of Libyan football Libyan Olympic Committee.  From January 2002 to February 2005 he was appointed as Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs in Al Sahel for Information Technology Company and from March 2015 to October 2011 he was engaged as Director of Administrative Affairs in Allabina Consulting engineering Company, one of the largest companies specializing in engineering consultancy in Libya. In 2012 he joined Libya Design team as Operating Manager where he is leading all the administrative works and solving administrative obstacles and does a direct follow-up to all areas of the company, contacting contractors and taking care of protocols being delivered on time.
    His years long experience, ensuring everything goes at ease regardless the density of work, and commitment to task make him one of the most valuable team members.

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    Marija Jovanovic

    She graduated in 2012 from Faculty of Philology, Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade. She soon started volunteering at Students for Students Program at FFSS University of Belgrade teaching Arabic language. Afterwards became translator for children with special needs mainly from MENA Region, and English and Arabic language teacher in various schools in Serbia. She joined our team in 2014.
    Her endurance, accuracy and positive spirit, implemented in maintenance of process of our design or architectural creation, whether it is a follow up or engagement within the project, improves efficiency and productivity of our Office. Her keen interest in culture and constant search for the latest MENA Region news keeps our Office updated to the last minute. For her, the inspiration for productive work can be found on every corner in every time and situation among creative people and with just a tiny with of willingness.