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Benghazi- Libya
Year of completion
Gross floor area
940 m²
Design team
Libya design
MEP/ Structural Engineer

Under construction

The main concept for Benghazi villa project was to create villa that is open to its surrounding. It considers rules of the privacy for its residence through traditional Libyan house spaces. Outside gardens are brought inside the house and planned as a part of the house interior. Project is made according to the orientation of the house and it considers its context, which is to reach proper insolation for all parts of the house. The ground floor is planned as a family common area with a living room, a kitchen and a guestroom spaces and one bedroom. Private areas and bedrooms with private bathrooms are planned on the first floor, together with additional living rooms and service spaces. Hidden from all private and common spaces, entertainment rooms are planned in the basement of the house together with a car park.

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