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Benghazi - Libya
Year of completion
Gross floor area
1040 m²
Design team
Libya design

MEP/ Structural Engineer
Hud Hud Contracting and Real Estate Investment
Under Construction
This Luxurious Villa’s concept was based on the Islamic introverted scheme. It has modern approach where open spaces and transparency are brought within the respect towards the privacy. The building has a basement with an underground parking, a recreational area and a maid’s room/laundry, an open space ground floor with fixed glass along its parameter, hosting separate family and guests’ areas, topped with the accommodation floor with four master bedrooms, one royal suite, and finally the roof with a sealed gymnasium, an open air pool/barbeque area. It is surrounded with four meters high walls. From the outside, the exterior walls have neither openings nor windows where the building mainly relays on courtyards for lighting and ventilation. There is one main courtyard in the center, starting from the basement, plus four small courtyards starting from the first floor as to provide lighting and ventilation to the bedrooms.
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