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Cyrene - Libya
Year of completion
Gross floor area
940 m²
Design team
Libya design
Detail design

Mountain house is an exploration of privacy and materiality. House consists of three levels placed on the slope of the mountain.
The basic structural form of the house is a box frame type with reinforced concrete construction. The whole house lives and stands as a part of the mountain and doesn't disturb the landscape of the site.
The project offers an alternative to the centralized volumes that are closed and devoid of interaction to their sites and it looks outwards through wall enclosed patios.
The family room perpendicular to the first block performs many functions for everyday family life and in this sense it was clients desire to become one of the main drivers of the project, expressing a new way of living.
Orientation, views and privacy are the main forces defining the form. The sensual and aesthetic conditions of the employed materials explore the tectonic interaction between the spaces, created by the intersection of spaces and volumes.
A large deck and continuous exterior walkways create outdoor rooms which make the narrow footprint feel more spacious.

The living spaces are at the Northern side of the house and feel like they propel themselves towards the view.

All living spaces have a great connection to the covered or uncovered terraces, and the interior / exterior space continuation is dramatic. The living space is highly transparent.

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