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Tripoli - Libya
Year of completion
Gross floor area
1380 m²
Design team
Libya design
MEP/ Structural Engineer

Under construction


This three level villa is located in a warm area in West Tripoli suburbia.
Basement contains a guest area, service kitchen, home cinema and gym.
Ground floor includes a guest area, an office and a kitchen. First floor has a dining, living and sleeping area.
The main idea is to create a box with perpendicular walls. All windows are oriented towards main courtyards, providing a high level of privacy. One of the courtyards is starting from the basement level and rising all the way to the top. Internal courtyards not only allow higher level of privacy for its residents, but improve the microclimate of the building during the hot days too. The house is formed vertically, having a shifting effect. The bedrooms are located in the east, overlooking the heart of the house - the garden. The last floor contains of a spa with Jacuzzi, sauna and gym with a roof terrace.
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