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Tripoli - Libya

Year of completion
April 2012
Gross floor area
840 m²
Office space
Design team
Libya design
Concept design


Office pavilion was designed as a support facility inside the Ghabat Al Nasser forest park in Tripoli, which was a part of the Green Belt Tripoli project (sector 4). It was planned for the Green Belt project to connect and renew preserved city green areas and form a green ring that would include many sports, leisure and cultural facilities and improve the quality of city life.
A task was to design a pavilion that would coexist with the forest environment and comply with the general theme of Ghabat Al Nasser Park Forest composed of 7 zones evocating different African landscapes.
Materials applied are wood and stone. Diamond shedders and detached pavilion from the ground came as stylized elements from African traditional houses.


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